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Tips for Choosing a Great Speaker for Your Conference

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Finding the right speaker for your upcoming conference should be more than just an entry in your long list of event preparations. You must treat it as a big opportunity to deliver your message through someone who can truly connect with your audience. Discover more here:

Before choosing your conference speaker, consider the following:

Purpose of the Event

A speaker isn’t just there to give a speech. They stand for your brand and tell the world what you want them to know. Surely, this is beyond echoing your words, but rather reinforcing the motivation behind your conference. While a comedian can be fun, a motivational speaker will be more effective in influencing your guests towards a certain action.

The Audience

You and your colleagues may enjoy a political speaker’s anecdotes on your yearly conference, but this could cause division among your delegates. Also, look into why these people are there. Are they there to listen to a brilliant storyteller, or are they looking for information and insight?

Type of Speaker

Generally speaking, you will find five types of conference speakers today: the influencer with their humongous fanbase; the celebrity with their charismatic personality; the expert and their focused knowledge and skills; the industry expert, aka the expert’s cooler, more famous counterpart; and the curveball, who may have nothing to do with your organization or your guests but they couldn’t be a better fit. Choose the right type of speaker by considering your purpose for holding the conference and your guests’ reasons for coming.


Obviously, you need to know how much you can afford to spend on martha lane fox from JLA, but don’t just focus on their fee. Also look into surrounding costs such as travel, accommodation, and so on. Sometimes, the speaker will quote you a package price that already includes everything. In any case, be aware that you may have to pay extra for a speaker who actually interacts with attendees instead of just delivering a speech.

Videos and Live Event

Finally, most professional speakers have tons of videos of them during some of their speaking engagements. You will, of course, benefit from watching them before deciding if they’re right for you. Better yet, if you get an opportunity to watch them personally during an event, grab it. You can’t just rely on resumes or reviews. You have to see them in action. Find out more here: